iConverter® CWDM Multiplexers

Omnitron’s Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Multiplexer/Demultiplexer modules support ITU-T G694.2 CWDM wavelengths between 1270nm to 1610nm in 20nm increments. They are protocol and rate transparent allowing up to sixteen services up to 10Gbps each to be transported across the same fiber link.

iConverter CWDM MUX modules are designed to be integrated with other iConverter media converters and transponders to provide a true multi-service platform capable of delivering Ethernet, TDM, SONET and other services across a single-fiber or fiber pair CWDM common link.

iConverter CWDM MUX modules can be installed in any powered or unpowered iConverter chassis achieving some of the highest port densities in the industry.

iConverter CWDM/X Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

iConverter CWDM/X modules are available in 4 and 8-Channel (wavelength) models, supporting a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations. The Single-Fiber iConverter CWDM/X modules are available in 2 and 4-Channel models. The CWDM/X Pass Band module can be used to cascade two MUX/DEMUX modules, doubling the channel capacity on the common fiber link (up to 16 channels).

iConverter CWDM/AD Add/Drop Multiplexer

iConverter CWDM/AD modules add (multiplex) and drop (demultiplex) selected channels, or wavelengths, in one or both directions of a CWDM fiber route. The iConverter 1-Channel CWDM/AD modules multiplex and demultiplex one specific CWDM channel from a common dual fiber or single-fiber CWDM fiber link. The iConverter 2-Channel CWDM/AD modules offer the same functions as 1-Channel CWDM/AD modules but for two specific CWDM channels on fiber pair links.