iConverter 1U Rack-Mount Shelf

19” Rack Mount for Select iConverter
Chassis and Standalone Modules


The 1U 19" Rack-Mount Shelf accommodates iConverter standalone Network Interface Devices and media converters, the iConverter 1-Module chassis and the iConverter 2-Module chassis.

The shelf supports a variety of mounting configurations:

  • Up to four iConverter standalone modules (wall-mount or tabletop units)
  • Up to three iConverter 1-Module Chassis
  • Up to two iConverter 2-Module Chassis
  • Mix and match any combination of the above devices
  • Also accommodates three OmniConverter PoE media converters

Products are secured to the shelf with easy-to-use snap-rivets - no special tooling is required. The shelf provides multiple grounding points, as well as convenient locations for cable ties to organize and secure all fiber and copper cabling.

The shelf is 1U high (1.75”) when iConverter standalone modules and/or iConverter 1-Module Chassis are installed. The shelf occupies 2U in the rack when the iConverter 2-Module Chassis is installed.

8260-0      1U Rack-Mount Shelf

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