FlexPoint OC12FF

Single-mode to Multimode Fiber Converters for OC-12 and STM-4


The FlexPoint OC12FF is a single-mode to multimode protocol-independent fiber converter

  • Supports all OC-12 standards over ATM and SONET
  • Requires no manual configuration
  • Supports auto-negotiation of duplex mode
  • Extends network distances up to 80km
  • Labeled status LEDs for quick and easy installation
  • Wall-mount or rack-mount on a 5-Module shelf or in a 14-Module power-redundant FlexPoint Powered Chassis
  • Completely software independent with no installation of drivers required
  • Peace-of mind reliability backed by a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support


The FlexPoint OC12FF is a protocol-independent fiber converter that provides reliable and cost-effective extension of network distances by connecting multimode fiber networks or devices over single-mode fiber cabling.

No manual configuration is required with the plug-and-play FlexPoint OC12FF. Connect the fiber cables to the appropriate interface and the installation is complete.

The fiber port operates at 1310nm or 1550nm and features SC connectors. Multimode fiber models support distances of up to 550m, and single-mode fiber models support distances of up to 80km.

The FlexPoint OC12FF features descriptions of the LED indicators on the label for easy in-the-field installation and maintenance. The LEDs report the availability of power and the detection of devices attached to the fiber ports.

FlexPoint modules can be mounted utilizing optional wallmounting hardware or with DIN-rail mounting brackets. They can also be rack-mounted in a 5-Module shelf or in a high-density 14-Module, power-redundant Powered Chassis.

FlexPoint modules installed in the 5-Module shelf or used as standalone devices can be powered by an external AC to DC power adapter, or through the 5VDC chassis connector. Standalone modules can also be powered by attaching an external DC power supply (18-60VDC). When used in the 14-Module power-redundant Powered Chassis with any combination of AC and DC power supplies, the installed modules are powered via the 5VDC chassis connector.

The wide variety of FlexPoint mounting and power options provide flexible upgrade paths as network requirements change and grow.

FlexPoint unmanaged media converters are easy to use and provide dependable fiber connectivity in Enterprise and Government networks around the world.

The FlexPoint OC12FF fiber converter can extend the network across single-mode fiber with distances up to 80km. In this application, the customer's router is connected to an Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM) providing access to the SONET ring using a pair of FlexPoint OC12FF fiber converters. The converters provide the multimode to single-mode conversion.

Model Type OC12FF
Protocols OC-12
Fiber Cables Multimode: 50/125, 62.5/125, 100/140μm
Single-mode: 9/125μm
Fiber Connectors SC
LED Displays Power, Fiber Link/Activity
Dimensions W: 3.0" x D: 4.0" x H: 1.0"
Weight 6 oz. (without power adapter)
Compliance UL, CE, FCC Class A
Power Requirments   Barrel Connector Molex
Nominal Voltage: 9VDC 5VDC
Voltage Range: 6.0 to 15.0VDC 4.75 to 5.25VDC
Power Nominal: 0.2A @ 9VDC 0.5A @ 5VDC
Maximum Power: 1A @ 9VDC 0.75A @ 5VDC
Temperature 0 to 50º C
Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude -100m to 4000m
MTBF (hrs) Module without Power Adapter: 2,600,000
Module with Power Adapter -1: 250,000
Module with Power Adapter -2: 100,000
PortFiber TypeDistanceConnector
λ (nm)Min.
Tx Power (dBm)
Tx Power (dBm)
Rx Sense (dBm)
Rx Power (dBm)
Link Budget
Port 1 MM 550m 4461-X 1310 -20 -14 -26 -14 6
Port 2 SM 12km 1310 -9.5 -3 -19.5 -3 10
Port 1 MM 550m 4463-x 1310 -20 -14 -26 -14 6
Port 2 SM 34km 1310 -5 0 -23 -3* 18
Port 1 MM 550m 4469-x 1310 -20 -14 -26 -14 6
Port 2 SM 80km 1550 -5 0 -26 -3* 18

Power Adapter Kits (-x):
-0 = No power adapter included, -1 = 110-120 VAC/60 Hz (US plug), -2 = 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz (IEC plug, no power cord).
Contact Omnitron for other fiber options and operational temperature ranges.
*When using these models in pairs, a minimum attenuation of 3dB is required.

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