Network Interface Devices, Multiplexers, and Managed Media Converters

iconverter overview


The iConverter platform of media converter, transponder and multiplexer modules can be combined in a variety of chassis configurations. This flexible architecture enables the delivery of different services, protocols and data rates over existing fiber infrastructure.

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Unmanaged Media Converters

Unmanaged Media Converters

FlexPoint Unmanaged Media Converters

FlexPoint copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber media converters provide unmanaged fiber connectivity between different cabling types. The self-contained converter modules can be used as standalone units, rack-mounted or installed in a powered chassis.

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iConverter 4xT1/E1 MUX


OmniConverter PoE/PoE+ Media Converters

OmniConverter PoE media converters provide copper-to-fiber conversion and inject Power-over-Ethernet (both PoE and PoE+) to enable fiber links to locations with AC or DC power, where PoE via UTP powers IP cameras, Wi-Fi Access Points and desktop devices.

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miConverter Miniature Media Converters

miConverter miniature Ethernet media converters provide cost-effective integration of copper network devices and fiber network cabling. These compact converter modules can be powered by an external AC power supply or a USB port for fiber-to-the-desktop/laptop deployments.

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SFP, SFP+ and XFP Pluggable Transceivers


Omnitron’s SFP, SFP+ and XFP pluggable transceivers are interchangeable compact media connectors for standard and CWDM wavelengths that enable a single network device to connect to a wide variety of fiber and copper cable types and distances.

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