Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Solutions

Wholesale Mobile Backhaul Demarcation

Most Wireless Carriers are served by different Backhaul Providers, or Wireline Operators. This requires Wireless Carriers and Backhaul Provider to work together to deliver Carrier Ethernet backhaul with a scalable, highly-reliable connection – and with strict Service Level Agreements. The iConverter HybridNID is designed for two providers collaborating to deliver an Ethernet service.

The HybridNID provides Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified  service demarcation for performance monitoring of the entire (end-to-end) backhaul circuit, and also provides demarcation for the wholesale E-Access service from the ENNI to the tower. With two logical demarcation points in a single device, both the Wireless Carriers and Backhaul Providers have Service OAM (ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring and IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management) functions for SLA assurance.

Wholesale Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Demarcation

Cell Tower Demarcation for both the Wireless Carrier and the Wireline Operator

Backhaul Provider

  • The Backhaul Provider installs, configures, hands-off and manages a transparent Carrier-grade Ethernet circuit, or “tunnel”
  • Has a logical demarcation point at the cell tower for performance monitoring of the wholesale tunnel originating at the ENNI
  • Delivers an Ethernet connection plus classes of service
  • Provides Management Access
  • Leases a full-featured, Carrier Ethernet NID with Service OAM (ITU-T 1731 and IEEE 802.3ag ) capability

Wireless Carrier

  • Wireless Carrier builds end-to-end Carrier Ethernet services while monitoring SLAs through the tunnel and multiple networks
  • Monitors service from the Mobile Switching Center to the Tower
  • Monitors performance of the backhaul circuit (frame delay, delay variation, and frame loss)
  • Uses HybridNID Service OAM for service assurance and troubleshooting

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