iConverter® Ethernet Switches

iConverter Ethernet switches are available as compact unmanaged standalone devices, or as managed chassis plug-in modules that support VLAN and QoS. Chassis plug-modules feature Ethernet backplane ports for connectivity to managed media converters in a variety of chassis configurations. iConverter Ethernet switch modules are available in industrial -40º to 75ºC operating temperature range. All Omnitron Systems switches are backed with a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support.


FlexPoint 232

iConverter switch modules can be used as standalone modules, or
installed in a 19-Module chassis or a rack mount shelf


NetOutlook® Management Software provides SNMP management with real-time performance monitoring, remote configuration and fault notification

Ethernet Switch Configurations with Compact Chassis

iConverter Ethernet switch modules, managed media converters and compact chassis combine to create configurations that provide multi-port Ethernet connectivity to end users and subscribers. By installing intelligent media converters with integrated management, these devices function as managed switches and support advanced features such as VLAN, Quality of Service prioritization (QoS), bandwidth control and port access control. The example below illustrates a 2-Module chassis and modules with data backplanes that enables sharing of Ethernet data between two installed iConverter modules.

Learn more about compact Ethernet switch configurations

The following Application Diagrams include examples of how these compact chassis configurations can be deployed:

>> Fiber Media Converters Deployed in a campus star network
>> Point-to-Point Ethernet and T1 Distance Extension

Learn more about media conversion technology at the Media Converter Learning Center.


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