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Omnitron Solutions: Tailored for Diverse Transportation Networks

Traffic Light Network Connectivity

Optimizing traffic management, Omnitron's solution for traffic light networks incorporates an OmniConverter 10G/M Ethernet switch and a RuggedNet GHPoEBT/Mi industrial PoE switch. This setup, housed in a cabinet, efficiently operates devices like RSU data collectors/transmitters, preemption systems, PTZ cameras, and traffic lights, utilizing gigabit fiber and PoE cables for seamless data transmission and power distribution.


Smart Parking

Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches play a pivotal role in smart parking lot network applications by providing both data connectivity and power to various devices. These switches are strategically deployed within the parking facility to create a robust and efficient network infrastructure.

Freeway Tunnel Network Connectivity

For freeway tunnel networks, Omnitron's iConverter 19-Module Chassis and managed media converters, along with OmniConverter GHPoEBT/S PoE Media Converters and RuggedNet GHPoEBT MI Industrial PoE switch, create a robust communication infrastructure. This facilitates the integration of various devices, such as IP surveillance cameras, WiFi access points, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors within the tunnel control room.


Railway Network Connectivity

Upgrade your railway network's connectivity with Omnitron’s industrial-grade PoE switches and media converters. Built tough to handle vibration, dust, and extreme temperatures, these reliable devices ensure uninterrupted data flow and Power over Ethernet for your security cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, passenger information displays, and other network devices across stations and trains, keeping your railway network running smoothly and efficiently.

Airport Network Connectivity

In the complex environment of airports, Omnitron Systems provides a comprehensive network infrastructure connecting critical components. Utilizing OmniConverter PoE switches, RuggedNet GHPoEBT MI Industrial PoE switches, IP cameras, WiFi, and a combination of fiber and UTP cabling with PoE support, this system ensures seamless communication and data transmission.


Shipping Port Network Connectivity

Ensure seamless network operation at your shipping port with Omnitron’s ruggedized PoE switches and media converters. Designed to withstand harsh maritime environments, these industrial-grade devices deliver reliable data transmission and Power over Ethernet for your port's security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and other network devices, all while simplifying installation and reducing maintenance needs

Transportation Networks: Navigating the Future with Robust Communication

Transportation networks are critical components of modern society, providing essential links between people, goods, and services. From highways to railways, airports to seaports, transportation networks require robust communication systems to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operations.


The Role of Fiber Optics in Transportation Communication

Fiber optics has emerged as a preferred technology for communication networks due to the capacity of fiber optics to transmit large amounts of data over long distances with minimal signal degradation. This makes it an ideal choice for transportation networks that require high-bandwidth, low-latency communication for applications such as traffic control, passenger information systems, and video surveillance.


Power Over Ethernet: Simplifying Installation and Reducing Costs

Furthermore, Power over Ethernet technology lowers maintenance costs and simplifies installation by allowing devices to receive both power and data through a single Ethernet cable. This technology is especially useful in transportation networks where devices may be spread over large distances, and powering them can be challenging.

Ruggedized Equipment: Thriving in Harsh Environments

Another critical aspect of transportation networks is the need for ruggedized equipment that can operate reliably in harsh environments. Transportation networks are often exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibrations, which can damage or cause equipment to fail.

It is essential to use ruggedized equipment that can withstand harsh environmental conditions to ensure that communication networks remain operational. One important factor to consider when selecting ruggedized equipment is the operating temperature range. Transportation networks often operate in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40 °C to 75°C.

Using equipment that can operate within this temperature range ensures that communication networks remain operational even in the most challenging environments. Ruggedized equipment can also withstand vibration, shock, and moisture, providing a higher level of reliability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Omnitron Networking Devices for Transportation Networks 

Transportation networks demand robust and efficient solutions to ensure seamless connectivity and data flow. These devices are engineered to meet the diverse needs of transportation networks, providing reliability, performance, and scalability.


OmniConverter® Ethernet Switch

OmniConverter® Ethernet Switches stand out as compact, high-performance solutions designed for extending and interconnecting network devices over fiber optic or copper cabling. Offering basic Layer 2 switching capabilities, including MAC address forwarding and VLAN support, these switches provide a solid foundation for network expansion.


OmniConverter PoE Switch

Omnitron PoE Switches are a versatile series designed to extend Ethernet networks over fiber optic or copper UTP cabling. Cost-effective and reliable, they are a valuable addition to networks requiring extension to remote locations or facing power limitations. With an array of features and benefits, OmniConverter PoE Switches offer a cost-effective solution for various applications. Their reliability and versatility make them a go-to choice for network expansion.


RuggedNet® Industrial PoE Switch

The RuggedNet® Industrial PoE Switch takes center stage in harsh industrial environments. Featuring fiber or copper uplink ports and four copper Power-over-Ethernet user ports, it connects various IP-enabled devices with utmost reliability and performance. Its rugged design and diverse connectivity options make it essential for applications ranging from manufacturing and automation to oil and gas.


 iConverter 19-Module Chassis

The iConverter 19-Module Chassis excels in the demanding environment of data centers, connecting servers, storage devices, and critical infrastructure with unwavering reliability. It ensures seamless data flow, enabling data centers to operate at peak efficiency. With the iConverter 19-Module Chassis, achieve the ultimate in network reliability and scalability. Ensure critical applications remain accessible and business-critical operations run smoothly in the dynamic data center environment.


Industrial PoE Media Converter

The High-Power Ethernet media converter is tailored for outdoor and industrial applications. It offers a strong way to expand and power network devices over long distances, with up to 100 watts of PoE per port. The OmniConverter PoE media converter offers exceptional density and power, making it suitable for a wide range of network devices, including IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones.


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