LGX Adapter CWDM Module not included
LGX Adapter

LGX Adapter for iConverter CWDM Modules


The iConverter LGX Adapter allows passive iConverter CWDM Multiplexer and OADM modules to be installed in a standard LGX Chassis and mounting brackets.

The iConverter LGX Adapter fits over the front panel of an existing iConverter CWDM module and fastens to the module by tightening the thumb screw on the module. Once the adapter is mounted on the module, it can be plugged into a standard LGX chassis as shown below: 

LGX Chassis

iConverter Modules with LGX adapter installed in a standard LGX chassis.


This adapter is designed exclusively for iConverter CWDM modules, and cannot be used with iConverter powered media converter and NID modules.


iConverter LGX Adapter for iConverter CWDM Modules
Add “LGX” to the end of an iConverter CWDM module to order a pre-installed LGX adapter for the module.  
For example, to order an 8 Channel CWDM Mux with LGX adapter use part number 8863-0-LGX.
With CWDM Module
5.1in (129.5mm)
1.16in (29.5mm)
5.20in (132mm)
Without CWDM Module
5.1in (129.5mm) 
1.16in (29.5mm)
0.79in (20mm)