Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Solutions

Wholesale Business Service Demarcation

The iConverter HybridNID enables clear partitioning of responsibilities between the Service Provider and the Access Provider by incorporating two securely segregated management entities. The Access Provider owns, installs, manages and maintains the HybridNID, which is part of the E-Access service, or “tunnel” that is leased by the Service Provider. The Service Provider has management access to provision service attributes. Both the Access Provider and Service Provider can independently and securely monitor OAM functions.


The HybridNID can be used in any deployment that requires delivery of carrier-grade Ethernet services with independent SLA verification. These include out-of-franchise wholesale Ethernet business services, and in-franchise (on-net) services where the subscriber has access to the other management entity in the HybridNID for value-added performance assurance.

With a HybridNID, the Service Provider can:

  • Offer the same Carrier Ethernet services everywhere
  • Deliver Carrier Ethernet without building facilities and staffing personnel out of region
  • Leverage standard interfaces for service management
  • Monitor the service from end-to-end (between both Subscriber locations)
  • Monitor performance of the Wholesale Access Service (frame delay, delay variation, and frame loss)
  • Use HybridNID Service OAM for service assurance and troubleshooting

With a HybridNID, the Access Provider can:

  • Provide carrier-grade Access Services
  • Sell a comprehensive package to Service Providers who need to extend service offerings
  • Lease a full-featured, Carrier Ethernet NID with Service OAM (ITU-T Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag) capability
  • Deliver bandwidth plus SLA assurance and classes of service
  • Allow the Service Provider to own the customer relationship

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