Wireless Access Points

In this application example, wireless access points are deployed. The environment may be a sports arena, restaurant, mall, airport, subway, office building or any other wireless hotspot. Fiber is used because the required link distances exceed the 100m limitation of UTP cabling.

Fiber is distributed from a copper network switch using media converters. iConverter, miConverter or FlexPoint media converters can be installed in high-density rack-mount chassis to provide reliable and cost-effective fiber distribution from existing copper network equipment.

OmniConverter PoE injector media converters with dual fiber ports are deployed in daisy-chain configurations with fiber links running hop-to-hop around a large facility to preserve fiber runs. The media converters are installed near AC or DC power sources, and provide power over the UTP cables up to 100 meters in length.

Extend PoE with fiber - redundant fiber

An OmniConverter media converter with one fiber port is used in a point-to-point fiber run to an outdoor 802.11n wireless access point. OmniConverter media converters also support PoE+ for wireless devices that require up to 34.2W of power.

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