Extend Fiber Distances

10G DWDM Tunable Transceiver Application

Tunable XFP transceivers are configurable to support a specific channel in a DWDM optical network. Tunable XFPs allow network operators to remotely change wavelengths (channel paths) when they need to redistribute bandwidth, or reconfigure/upgrade traffic patterns and services.

10G OTN repeaters extend network distance

The iConverter XG+ management system supports the configuration of these tunable XFPs.

This application shows three 10G DWDM connections across an OTN network. Three iConverter XG+ modules with high-power XFPs are installed in a 5-Module Chassis and connected with fiber patch cables to DWDM Multiplexer. The iConverter XG+ modules function as fiber repeaters and wavelength transponders. The high-power XFPs perform Forward Error Correction on the incoming signal, then amplify and re-encapsulate the outbound OTN signal.

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