PoE Injector Media Converters

Dual RJ-45 Ports

OmniConverter media converters feature optional dual RJ-45 ports that support powering two PoE or PoE+ devices. This allows for connecting two cameras or wireless access points at the end of the fiber run. The UTP cable supports distances up to 100 meters, so the two devices can be up to 200 meters apart. Dual copper ports also allow for connecting different PoE devices such as cameras and wireless access points, or IP phones and video terminals in fiber-to-the-desk applications.

Extend PoE with fiber - dedicated fiber links

Dual Fiber Ports

Dual fiber ports on the OmniConverter GPoE and FPoE media converters enable daisy chaining multiple PoE devices along a fiber route. Applications for daisy chain devices include surveillance cameras along border fences and pipelines, and traffic monitoring cameras and wireless devices along highways and train routes.

Extend PoE with fiber - dedicated fiber links

Dual fiber ports also provide protection with redundant fiber links. Use this architecture for critical applications requiring fiber facility protection. The OmniConverter supports fiber failure switchover in less than 50ms. One fiber port on the OmniConverter is active fiber port, the other is the protect fiber port.

Extend PoE with fiber - dedicated fiber links

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