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Types of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services

The new CE 2.0 service attributes reflect new capabilities of E-Line and E-LAN services, and adds new E-Tree and E-Access services. This includes port-based services and virtual (VLAN-based) multiplexed services, for a total of eight Carrier Ethernet service types.

The Original Carrier Ethernet Services

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Line

E-Line is a point-to-point serivce. E-Line supports port-based Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services and VLAN-based Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) multiplexed services.

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-LAN

E-LAN is a multipoint-to-multipoint service with Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) and Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) with service multiplexing of multiple EVCs at each User-to-Network Interface (UNI).

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The New Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Service Types

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Tree

E-Tree is a New CE 2.0 Service Type. E-Tree is a rooted point-to-multipoint service that classifies root UNIs and leaf UNIs. Data can exchange between root-to-root and multicast data can exchange root-to-leaf, but prohibits leaf to leaf. E-Tree provides traffic segregation for cloud, media distribution and franchise networks. E-Tree services support port-based Ethernet Private Tree (EP-Tree) and VLAN-based Ethernet Virtual Private Tree services (EVP-Tree) with multiplexing of multiple EVCs onto the same UNI.

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Access

E-Access is also a New CE 2.0 Service Type. E-Access is based on the MEF 33 wholesale Ethernet standard that connects an ENNI to a UNI or an ENNI to an ENNI. The illustration above shows an EVC between two Subscriber locations over two separate provider networks. The Service Provider partners with an Access Provider to reach a remote customer location (out-of-franchise). E-Access is a service composed of a data tunnel that allows transport of an EVC across an Access Provider’s network to reach an out-of-franchise subscriber location.

The MEF 33 E-Access standard simplifies the service interconnection and streamlines the deployment of wholesale services with a single Class of Service. The E-Access CoS preserves the end-to-end subscriber Multi-CoS, bandwidth profiles and SLA metrics with a single Class of Service that meets or exceeds the highest CoS of the Subscriber EVC.

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iConverter NIDs Enable all Carrier Ethernet Services

  • CE 2.0 Certified for all eight Ethernet Service Types:
    1. E-Line (EPL: Ethernet Private Line)
    2. E-Line (EVPL: Ethernet Virtual Private Line)
    3. E-LAN (EP-LAN: Ethernet Private LAN)
    4. E-LAN (EVP-LAN: Ethernet Virtual Private LAN)
    5. E-Tree (EP-Tree: Ethernet Private Tree)
    6. E-Tree (EVP-Tree: Ethernet Virtual Private Tree)
    7. E-Access (EP-Access Ethernet Private Access)
    8. E-Access (EVP-Access: Ethernet Virtual Private Access)
  • Proven to deliver all eight services in multi-vendor networks at leading international interoperability events.

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