White Paper: Deploying CPRI Fronthaul with CWDM

Deploying CPRI Fronthaul with CWDM

Migrating to a Centralized RAN architecture enables operational efficiencies and reduces costs. The challenge for Mobile Network Operators is transporting multiple CPRI channels for different wireless carriers and services (3G and 4G/LTE) to multiple cell towers over the fronthaul fiber links.

This white paper provides examples of how to transport multiple services over CPRI channels to different cell towers with Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) using iConverter CWDM Multiplexers, Add+Drop Multiplexers, and Transponders.


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Introduction to Media Conversion

Media-Converter-White-PaperThis white paper provides an overview of media conversion technology with application examples describing the wide variety of fiber network connectivity solutions achieved with media converters.

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CWDM Design Guide

CWDM-Design-GuideThe iConverter CWDM Design Guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to designing CWDM networks with iConverter CWMD modules, media converters, transponders and SFPs. This document reviews a variety of topologies and configurations in detail with product model numbers, and provides examples of how to calculate optical budgets for CWDM networks. This is a valuable resource for network designers implementing CWDM in telecom, municipal, utility and enterprise networks.

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Integrating Power over Ethernet and Fiber Networks

PoE_White_PaperLearn how to use PoE media converters overcome the distance limitations of copper cabling to PoE network devices. This white paper describes of how to use fiber to reach remote IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points and other devices with a variety of network application examples. It also provides an overview of PoE technology, the industry standards and PoE powering techniques.

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Aruba Networks Solution Guide: Deploying Omnitron PoE Media Converters with Aruba Access Points and AirMesh Routers

Aruba1OmniConverters are certified by Aruba Networks as interoperable with Aruba Wireless Access Points and AirMesh Routers. This Solutions Guide reviews how OmniConverter PoE media converters provide network distance extension with fiber cabling, and function as PoE injectors that enable powering Aruba wireless devices.

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End-to-End Service OAM

Service-OAM-White-PaperThis white paper provides an overview of the relevant standards and key capabilities of Ethernet Service OAM in multi-operator networks, and the pivotal role of the Network Interface Device in enabling the delivery of reliable and profitable Ethernet services. Detailed information is provided on the Service OAM tools included in the IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management and ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring specifications.

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DAC Overview – Business Service Applications and Benefits

DPoE-DAC-White-PaperThis technical paper, prepared by Omnitron Systems, Time Warner Cable, CableLabs® and Finisar for SCTE, reviews the business benefits of DPoE Networks and Demarcation Auto-Configuration (DAC) with Pluggable ONUs and Network Interface Devices. The paper include the results of a Time Warner Cable DPoE DAC lab trial.

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802.3ah OAM for Carrier-Class Optical Ethernet in the First Mile

Ah-EFM-OAM-White-PaperThe IEEE 802.3ah OAM standard has been developed to bring the Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) mechanisms used in traditional carrier networks to effectively maintain and troubleshoot broadband Ethernet networks. This paper addresses fiber in the First Mile and provides an informative overview of the 802.3ah OAM specification and addresses all Ethernet in the First Mile technologies, including Copper and Fiber.

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