Wi-Fi Hotspots and Data Offloading


Carrier Wi-Fi in an Office Building

In this application example, Wi-Fi is deployed in an office building for offloading 3G and 4G data, as well as to offer value added services to subscribers.

Dozens of Wireless Access Points are required for larger office buildings, and the distance from the service provider point of presence exceeds the distance limitations of copper cable. Fiber is required to provide connectivity to the Wireless Access Points, which typically do not have fiber ports, and can require Power over Ethernet (PoE).

On the Ground Floor, the Mobile Network Operator hands off services to a copper switch. Fiber is distributed from the copper switch using iConverter managed media converters installed in high-density rack-mount chassis to provide a managed demarcation point for the Mobile Network Operator.

Fiber runs extend up the building, and each point-to-point fiber link is terminated with a media converter and a Wireless Access Point.

On the 10th Floor, a miniature miConverter Media Converter provides cost-effective media conversion and enables fiber connectivity to the Wireless Access Point.

On the 11th and 12th Floors, Wireless Access Points that are powered with PoE are deployed. OmniConverter PoE injector Media Converters are is installed near an AC or DC power sources. The PoE media converters provides media conversion, and injects PoE or PoE+ over the UTP cables that are connected to Wireless Access Points installed up to 100 meters from the converter. Each OmniConverter can power one or two Wireless Access Points.

OmniConverter PoE Media Converters provide a reliable and cost effective method to provide fiber connectivity and PoE/PoE+ power to Wireless Access Points distributed throughout an office building or campus.

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