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Ethernet services with Service Level Agreements require the collection of performance assurance data and the presentation of Key Performance Indicators like delay, delay variation, throughput and availability. Customers want access performance data to ensure ongoing performance guarantees are being met. These customers can be subscribers of Ethernet Business Services, or Tier 1 Carriers who are purchasing wholesale Ethernet services or mobile backhaul services from regional Access Providers. The challenge is collecting complex performance data, processing it and presenting it in a graphical and intuitive interface that provides a convenient way to view performance metrics.

Network equipment and demarcation devices can be integrated with third-party solutions that collect historical performance data and present it in easy-to-use software and web portals. iConverter® Network Interface Devices are integrated into Cyan Planet View, OcularIP and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

Comprehensive performance monitoring data is also collected and presented with Omnitron’s NetOutlook® EMS.

NetOutlook® EMS Centralized management system with integrated dashboard to view real-time metrics, and performance monitoring tools for exporting data to third-party applications
Integration with Cyan Planet View and OcularIP SLA assurance and customer portals Provides a web portal that presents performance data in a customer-oriented view for SLA reporting of Ethernet service quality parameters
Integration with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor software Provides a network monitoring tool that delivers real-time views and dashboards that enables Service Providers to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance

Cyan Planet View

cyportalOmnitron and Cyan have integrated the iConverter GM4 Network Interface Device (NID) into Planet View (formerly known as CyPortal). Cyan’s Planet View is the SLA assurance and customer portal that rolls up key SLA performance metrics from iConverter GM4 NIDs, and correlates the performance data with individual customer services.

The performance data is provided in a customer-oriented view that presents detailed SLA reporting for performance metrics such as availability, delay, jitter, throughput and packet loss across multi-vendor networks.

The CyPortal integration enables Service Providers to leverage the SLA monitoring capabilities of iConverter NIDs with real-time visibility into customer-specific services. Service providers can provide value-added performance metrics for both retail and wholesale services with this powerful product partnership.


OcularIP MontageOmnitron and Local Backhaul have integrated the iConverter GM4 Network Interface Device (NID) into OcularIP circuit performance monitoring and SLA assurance portal. OcularIP leverages industry standards to provide true end-to-end circuit visibility. This powerful web portal simplifies the monitoring of network infrastructure and provides detailed granularity and analysis of the network. OcularIP provides insight into transport services through the cloud and off-net circuits utilizing Y.1731, MEF, and Ethernet OAM standards.

OcularIP’s powerful and flexible Web-Portal reporting engine enables users the ability to select, analyze and view data. Based upon custom profiles and reporting, users can easily define screens and develop graphic analysis.


SolarwindsOmnitron’s iConverter GM4 Network Interface Device (NID) , GM3 NID and HybridNID® have been fully integrated into the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a network monitoring tool that delivers real-time views and dashboards that enables Service Providers to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance.

Ethernet services and circuits can be monitored for performance metrics that include throughput (data rate), delay, delay variation and frame loss. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor software also provides fault monitoring and generates SNMP traps and alarms for network fault monitoring.

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