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AS/400 Fiber-to-the-Desk Converter/Repeater

The OmniRepeater 400FTD is an AS/400 5250 and 5250 Express data repeater and fiber converter. It converts between twinax or UTP and fiber and provides connectivity for one 5250 host port. It supports multimode fiber for distances up to 15,000 feet and single-mode fiber for up to 30,000 feet. It supports twinax for distances up to 5,000 feet and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) for up to 3,000 feet. It can be utilitized in fiber backbones or in fiber-to-the-desk applications.

Monday, 28 February 2011 17:42

OmniMux 400

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AS400/3X 5250 and 5250 Express Multiplexer

The OmniMux™ 400 is an IBM compatible multiplexer that provides part or full local or remote 5250 and 5250 Express twinax controller connectivity to a distant location. It replaces up to eight AS/400 twinax cables with a single link. This link may be a twinax, twisted pair or a multimode or single-mode fiber pair.

Monday, 28 February 2011 17:15

OmniStar 400

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AS400/3X 5250 and 5250 Express Star/Repeater

The OmniStar 400 is an IBM 5250 and 5250 Express compatible star repeater that replaces traditional twinax daisy chains and provides star configuration on twisted pair wiring. It supports distances of 3,000 feet on each twisted pair and 5,000 feet on twinax for a total of 8,000 feet from the host. For cases that require additional distance, the OmniStar supports cascading of up to 4 stars.

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