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The iConverter platform consists of media converters, Network Interface Devices, CWDM and T1/E1 multiplexers and CWDM multiplexers available in standalone and chassis plug-in modules. The plug-in modules can be installed in any iConverter chassis equipped with other iConverter modules. This flexible architecture provides a multi-service platform capable of delivering Ethernet, TDM, SONET and other services across fiber links or combining services over a CWDM common fiber link. 

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Managed Redundant-Power Chassis

The 2U (3.5 inch) high iConverter 19-Module Chassis has triple-redundant power supplies and can be mounted in a 19-inch or 23-inch rack. It is designed for Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) applications where fault tolerance and a high-density rack footprint are essential.

Network Management Module

The iConverter NMM2 provides comprehensive remote monitoring, configuration and alarm notification functions for all iConverter managed media converters and Network Interface Devices (NIDs). Installed in any slot of an iConverter chassis, the NMM2 manages all other modules and power supplies installed in the chassis through a high-speed management backplane.

Network Interface Device with Dual Management and Provisioning

The iConverter HybridNID® is a Network Interface Device that enables the delivery of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Access services across multiple-operator networks. With the iConverter HybridNID installed at the customer premises or cell tower, both a Service Provider and Wholesale Access Provider partner can independently provision, manage and monitor the Carrier Ethernet service.

T1/E1 and Ethernet Managed Multiplexer System

The iConverter Modular T1/E1 Multiplexer transports up to sixteen T1/E1 circuits and 10/100/1000 Ethernet over point-to-point fiber, CWDM channel or Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC). This flexible and scalable system is comprised of an iConverter Fiber Transport module, and one or more iConverter 4xT1/E1 MUX modules installed in a 2, 5 or 19-module chassis.

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