Managed Ethernet Fiber Network

Deploy a Managed Fiber Campus Network with Media Converters

This application example illustrates how the iConverter Multi-Service Platform enables the delivery of gigabit Ethernet in a managed campus fiber network.

At Building A in the upper left, two copper UTP links from a core switch are converted to two fiber links via an iConverter 19-Module Chassis of GX/TM2 plug-in media converter modules. The GX/TM2 modules (also referred to as Network Interface Devices, or NIDs) feature integrated management and support the IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile standard to provide carrier-grade link fault management and monitoring. The GX/TM2 also supports VLAN stacking and Quality of Service for voice/video/data over Ethernet.

An iConverter Network Management Module (NMM2) is also installed in the chassis and is connected to a Network Management Station (NMS). The iConverter network management system provides comprehensive trouble-shooting, performance monitoring and remote hardware configuration of the network. The NMM2 improves network security by providing IP-less management of the network, with only one IP address at the network core managing up to 18 remote IP-less NIDs at the network edge.

Managed Campus LAN Network

The fiber links from Building A run to other buildings, where the fiber at each location is converted back to copper and distributed to end users at different departments.

At Building B, a 1000Mbps fiber link connects to an iConverter GX/TM2 installed in an iConverter 2-Module Chassis with an iConverter 4GT 4-port switch module. This compact chassis configuration functions as a managed switch with a fiber uplink and five managed 10/100/1000 UTP ports that connect to multiple workstations and/or department switches.

At Buildings C and D, the fiber links are connected to standalone iConverter GX/TM2 NIDs that provide media conversion and connectivity to Ethernet switches in the buildings.

Note that 10/100M2 NIDs and 4Tx VT switch modules can be used for 10/100 network deployments.

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