Fiber-to-Fiber Media Converter Applications

Convert Multimode to Single-mode Fiber

Networks often require conversion from multimode (MM) to single-mode (SM) fiber, which supports longer distances than MM fiber. Mode conversion is typically required when:

  1. Network distance requirements exceed the limit of MM fiber
  2. Lower cost legacy equipment uses MM ports, and connectivity is required to SM equipment
  3. A building has MM equipment, while the connection to the Service Provider is SM
  4. MM equipment is in a campus building and SM fiber is used between buildings

Fiber-to-fiber media converters can extend a MM network across SM fiber with distances up to 140km for Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) and 80km Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps). In this application, two Ethernet switches equipped with MM fiber ports are connected utilizing a pair of fiber-to-fiber converters which convert the MM fiber to SM and enable network connectivity across the distance between the switches.

Convert multimode to single-mode

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10G Multimode to Single-Mode with Direct Attach Cable Application

This application shows two 10G switches with SFP+ ports in two different locations. The switches are connected via long-haul, single-mode fiber (>80km) with a pair of iConverter XG media converter (SFP+ to XFP). In the top location, a low-cost SFP+ Direct Attach Cable is used to connect the 10G switch port to the media converter because the distance is within the 10 meter limit of the Direct Attach Cable. In the bottom location, a pair of multimode SFP+ transceivers provide the connectivity between the media converters and the switches.

Convert 10G multimode to single-mode


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