Inter Data Center Connectivity

Data Center Fibre Channel CWDM Interconnect

Data Centers often have a cluster of Storage Area Networks (SAN) servers and storage discs connected using Fibre Channel. Data Centers require high speed connectivity to offsite SANs for transaction storage and database mirroring. To provide redundancy and disaster recovery, SAN from one Data Center can be extended to a SAN in another Data Center. This allows each Data Center to have a mirror copy of its database at each location.

In this application a, iConverter xFF transponders and CWDM/X Multiplexers are deployed to connect a Fibre Channel switch in Data Center 1 to Fibre Channel switch in Data Center 2. With this connectivity, the SAN servers in each Data Center are able to communicate with each other.

To overcome the high cost of proprietary Fibre Channel CWDM SFP transceivers, xFF transponders are used to convert the standard 850 or 1310 wavelengths to CWDM wavelengths, providing a more economical solution over proprietary SFPs.

Data Center CWDM xFF

Fiber patch cables connect the xFF transponders installed in a high-density 19-Module Chassis to ports on each Fibre Channel switch. Four xFF transponders convert the fiber from standard wavelengths to CWDM wavelengths (channels) with Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers. The CWDM SFPs support specific wavelengths to enabling connectivity to the corresponding channel ports on the iConverter CWDM/X multiplexer with fiber patch cables (shown in different colors to represent the CWDM wavelengths). The CWDM/X multiplexes the wavelengths that transport the four Fibre Channels over the CWDM Common Fiber Line (fronthaul).

Omnitron’s CWDM transceivers have color-coded latch handles for easy identification. 




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