Demarcation Extension / Riser Management

Demarc Extension of T1s and Ethernet

Demarcation Extension and Riser ManagementiConverter M2 Network Interface Devices (NIDs) and managed T1/E and T3/E3 media converters enable fiber connectivity between service provider demarcation equipment and subscribers in high-rise buildings or business complexes.

In this riser management application example, Ethernet business services and TDM services (T1 or T3) are delivered via fiber links to tenants in the building. The property owner or riser management company needs to provide demarcation extension from the service provider hand off to the tenant offices.

On the Ground floor of the building, demarcation equipment owned by the service provider is connected to a Metro Area Network (Ethernet and/or SONET). The service provider’s UTP Ethernet switch is connected to an iConverter 10/100M2 NID module installed in a 19-Module Chassis. UTP from the service provider equipment is converted to fiber by the managed Ethernet 10/100M2 NIDs that feature integrated management and support the IEEE 802.3ah standard to provide carrier-grade link fault management and performance monitoring. The 10/100M2 also supports VLAN stacking and Quality of Service for voice/video/data over Ethernet.

The service provider’s T1 or T3 circuits are delivered via a CSU/DSU, and the UTP is converted to fiber with iConverter T1/E1 or T3/E3 media converter modules installed in the same 19-Module Chassis. Note that up to sixteen T1/T3 circuits can be transported over this fiber link using an iConverter T1/E1 MUX.

The iConverter chassis and modules are managed with a Network Management Station connected to a Network Management Module (NMM2) in the chassis.

On the 10th floor, the fiber delivers T1 or T3 service to a tenant. A standalone iConverter T1/E1 or T3/E3 media converter converts the fiber to UTP and connects to tenant’s PBX.

On the 11th floor, a fiber link delivers Gigabit Ethernet service. A standalone iConverter GX/TM2 NID converts the fiber uplink to UTP that is connected to the tenant’s Ethernet switch.

On the 12th floor, the fiber delivers a 10/100 Ethernet service. The fiber connects to an iConverter 10/100M2 NID plug-in module installed in a 2-Module Chassis with a four port 10/100 4TxVT switch module. The two modules share data via the chassis backplane to provide a fiber uplink and a 5-port managed VLAN department switch. This compact switch connects directly to the tenant’s workstations.

The Ethernet services can be managed from a remote location, and can also be accessed in the building from the Network Management Station via serial or Ethernet connection to the NMM2. The iConverter management system enables monitoring of the Ethernet fiber links in the building, provisioning of the Ethernet services, and remote configuration of the iConverter equipment at the tenants’ offices. The T1/E1 module in the 19-Module chassis is managed by the Network Management Station and provides fault detection of the fiber link and loopback testing of the remote unit.

The iConverter management system can be accessed with Omnitron’s NetOutlook® Network Management Software or third-party SNMP management software.

The iConverter Multi-Service Platform enables property owners and riser management companies to provide reliable fiber connectivity between UTP demarcation equipment and the tenant’s UTP equipment, preserving network hardware investments. The iConverter management system also lowers operating costs by providing fault notification and troubleshooting tools that reduce down-time and trips to tenant equipment.

View a Demarcation Extension Application with multiplexed T1s

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