Copper to Fiber Server Connectivity

iConverter 10G media converters provide a variety of 10G data center connectivity solutions, including resolving interface disparities between equipment with 10GBASE-T RJ-45 ports and existing rack servers or switches with fiber optic ports. Architecture changes such as migrating from Top of Rack to End of Row can present cabling challenges when extending network distances from racks of servers.

In this application, fiber cabling is used to extend distances between 10G switches and servers. An iConverter 5-Module Chassis with iConverter XGT+ 10G plug-in media converters is used to convert the CAT-6A cabling from the RJ-45 ports on the aggregation switch to fiber. The iConverter XGT+ supports SFP+ or XFP transceivers, and can achieve fiber distances of up to 80km.

10G Media Converter - Data Center 10 Gigabit Copper to Fiber

At the other end of the first fiber run, a standalone iConverter XGT+ is used to convert the fiber back to copper for connectivity to a 10G server with RJ-45 ports. The second fiber run connects directly to a fiber port on a 10G switch.

The iConverter XGT+ supports CAT-6A cabling (up to 100 meters) to extend distances to servers, switches and patch panels. For CAT-6A cabling links less than 30 meters, the XGT+ supports 10GBASE-T Short Reach mode to conserve energy by reducing power and cooling requirements.

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