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Omnitron’s on-demand webinars will enhance your industry knowledge and keep you up to date on Omnitron’s latest products and networking technologies.

Smart City Network Connectivity
  • Connecting Municipal Buildings with Fiber
  • Managed PoE Connectivity for Edge Devices
  • Future-proofing for Smart City networks
  • Leveraging Omnitron’s management to make networks even “Smarter”
Fiber and PoE Connectivity for Education Networks
  • Connecting Campus Buildings and Classrooms with Fiber
  • Fiber to the Desk – Benefits and Examples
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Cameras, WiFi and  Emergency Notification Systems
  • CWDM – save on fiber costs and increase bandwidth capacity
Deliver Broadband Services Cost-Effectively using Omnitron


  • Carrier Ethernet Demarcation for Business Services
  • Point to Multipoint Fixed Wireless Broadband using PoE
  • CWDM – Increase Fiber Bandwidth Capacity
Media Converters A to Z – Learn the What, Where, When, Why and How
  • Learn how Media Converters provide cost-effective and flexible fiber connectivity
  • Review of the various types of Media Converters
  • Selecting the right Media Converter for the job
  • Application Examples – a picture is worth a thousand words
Power over Ethernet – WATTS in your Network?
  • Learn the basics of PoE and all the benefits of this technology
  • Review of the IEEE PoE standards – 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt
  • Best PoE devices to use for different situations
  • Application Examples – real-world examples of PoE network installations
CWDM – Increase Your Fiber Bandwidth Capacity
  • Learn the basics of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology
  • Why CWDM is great for the bottom line – SAVING MONEY
  • Review the various types of CWDM multiplexing products available
  • Application Examples – animated slides on how to build a CWDM network
No Power… No Problem! PoE Extenders to the Rescue
  • Learn about the benefits of using PoE Extenders
  • Types of PoE Extenders and what to look out for
  • Voltage Boosting Technology – why this is a must-have
  • Application Examples – how to extend beyond the 100 meter distance barrier of copper cabling