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Carrier Ethernet 2.0 On-Demand Webinar

ce20-thumb The MEF defines Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 as having three service features: multiple classes of service (multi-CoS), manageability, and interconnect. These three features reflect major new capabilities in Ethernet services and the addition of new service types. This on-demand webinar is presented by Steve Mood, Omnitron’s Chief Technology Officer who oversees development of Omnitron’s Carrier Ethernet service demarcation solutions. Steve is a member of the MEF Technical Committee, and editor of several MEF technical specifications, including Standardized Management Service OAM MIBs.

  • The key differences between CE 1.0 and CE 2.0
  • The applications and opportunities with the new CE 2.0 Service Types
  • How to leverage CE 2.0 Multi-CoS to optimize bandwidth resources and deliver application-oriented SLAs for Mobile Backhaul and Cloud services
  • How CE 2.0 Management features enable global standardized management and simplify EMS integration
  • How CE 2.0 Interconnect and the new MEF 33 E-Access service streamline wholesale service deployments and increase revenues

White Paper: End-to-End Service OAM

Service-OAM-White-PaperThis white paper provides an overview of the relevant standards and key capabilities of Ethernet Service OAM in multi-operator networks, and the pivotal role of the Network Interface Device in enabling the delivery of reliable and profitable Ethernet services. Detailed information is provided on the Service OAM tools included in the IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management and ITU-T Y.1731 Performance Monitoring specifications.

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Carrier Ethernet 2.Omnitron Infographic

CE2This infographic mini-poster illustrates how iConverter Network Interface Devices support the features that enable the delivery of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services with Multiple Classes of Service, Service Management and Interconnect.

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DAC Overview – Business Service Applications and Benefits

DPoE-DAC-White-PaperThis technical paper, prepared by Omnitron Systems, Time Warner Cable, CableLabs® and Finisar for SCTE, reviews the business benefits of DPoE Networks and Demarcation Auto-Configuration (DAC) with Pluggable ONUs and Network Interface Devices. The paper include the results of a Time Warner Cable DPoE DAC lab trial.

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802.3ah Link OAM White Paper

Ah-EFM-OAM-White-PaperThe IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile standard has been developed to bring the OAM mechanisms used in traditional carrier networks to effectively maintain and troubleshoot Ethernet access networks. This paper reviews the fault management and monitoring tools for First Mile fiber links capabilities enabled by the 802.3ah specification.

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EANTC 2012 Interoperability Event White Paper

EANTC-CEWC2012-WhitePaper-Final-1This white paper documents the test results from the multi-vendor Interoperability Showcase organized by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC). The Interoperability Showcase was presented at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress (CEWC) in Barcelona and Carrier Ethernet APAC in Hong Kong in 2012. Omnitron demonstrated interoperability of the iConverter GM4 Network Interface Device and successfully completed a variety of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 tests relating to Multi-CoS, management and interoperability.

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