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Carrier Ethernet enables flexible business services and mobile backhaul, with different Carrier Ethernet service types that have both port-based and VLAN-based (multiplexed) services. In addition, there are a wide variety of service attributes and Service OAM parameters. Configuring demarcation devices with these complex variables can make provisioning and turning up Carrier Ethernet services costly and time consuming. This complexity also creates issues with human error and mis-configuration that can further delay service activation, and require additional testing and troubleshooting.

The iConverter® GM4 NID, GM3 NID and HybridNID® support Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which automatically loads configuration files to demarcation devices on the network, and eliminates the need for manual configuration. ZTP allows service provisioning to be centralized, standardized and remotely managed. ZTP can fully provision demarcation devices for Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs), Bandwidth Profiles, Class of Service management and Ethernet Service OAM probes.

heavy-reading-logoAccording to Heavy Reading, Zero-Touch Provisioning can reduce operational costs 15% to 20% by eliminating unnecessary truck rolls and streamlining the service provisioning and activation process


Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Enables quick and easy service turn-up
  • Reduces costs associated with expert technicians manually provisioning demarcation devices
  • Reduces expertise required by installers and technicians
  • Centralizes Management at the Network Operations Center
Configuration and management is centralized at the CO
  • Eliminates operational issues and errors that can happen with on-site manual provisioning
  • Centralizes expertise at the NOC
  • Enables standardized templates for provisioning services

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