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Complex networks with thousands of devices/elements that are delivering Carrier Ethernet 2.0 business services and mobile backhaul over large geographic areas present a variety management challenges. These challenges include complex and time consuming service activation processes, collecting and presenting performance monitoring data and fault management. In addition, there can be interoperability issues between multiple software systems, and widespread power outages and natural disasters can take down entire networks for days, even weeks.

Element Management System

NetOutlook® EMS is an intuitive and easy-to-use Element Management System that simplifies management of up to 10,000 iConverter GM3 NIDs, GM4 NIDs and third-party devices.

NetOutlook EMS streamlines the entire Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service lifecycle of business services and mobile backhaul deployments.

NetOutlook EMS conforms to the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) layered model, providing standard based interoperability with Network Management Systems. The system is Java-based and offers cross-platform support for Windows, LINUX and UNIX* operating systems.

NetOutlook EMS provides automated and scalable management for networks with comprehensive FCAPS functionality. With server and database redundancy, backup and restore, NetOutlook EMS is a high-availability Element Management System that provides rapid restoration from system failures and natural disasters.

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