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Protocol Transparent Media Converters

Protocol transparent fiber transponders are compact devices that support virtually any kind of network protocol, and are also rate transparent with data rates of 1 Mbps up to 11.32 Gbps. They can be used in Ethernet, SONET and Fibre Channel networks.

Fiber to fiber converters and transponders support SFP, SFP+ and XFP transceivers. Pluggable transceivers allow adaptability to different fiber types, distances and wavelengths, providing maximum flexibility across a variety of network architectures and topologies. By installing a standard wavelength SFP and a Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) SFP in a transponder, the optical signal from standard wavelength fiber equipment is converted to a specific CWDM wavelength for connectivity to a CWDM Multiplexer.

  • iConverter® XG and XG+
    iConverter® XG and XG+

    10Gbps Protocol-Transparent Media Converter/Transponder

    The iConverter XG and XG+ are 10 Gigabit, protocol-transparent media converters with two pluggable transceiver ports supporting the three Rs (regeneration, retiming and reshaping). By taking advantage of the wide variety of 10G pluggable transceivers, they can be used as copper-to-fiber converters, fiber mode converters or WDM transponders.

  • iConverter® xFF
    iConverter® xFF

    SFP to SFP Protocol-Transparent Media Converter and WDM Transponder

    The iConverter xFF is a protocol-transparent media converter that provides reliable and cost-effective conversion between different wavelengths, multimode and single-mode, and dual and single-fiber.


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