Network Interface Device - Features and Benefits

Network Interface Devices

NetOutlook® EMS provides automated and scalable management with Fault, Configuration, Accounting/Administration, Performance and Security (FCAPS) functionality for networks with up to 10,000 iConverter NIDs.

{magictabs} Fault Management::

EMS Fault Management

NetOutlook-EMS-Fault-ManagementEMS Fault Management functions identify, isolate, correct and log faults that occur in the network. NetOutlook EMS supports advanced alarm management by detecting faults, failures and threshold crossing events in real-time.

Fault Management FeaturesBenefits
Real-time fault management of failures and threshold-crossing alarms Rapid notification and isolation of network faults reduces down time and increase customer satisfaction
Event reporting/ viewing Quick and easy access by filtering, grouping and sorting of events
Event reporting through email Key technical personnel at any location can be alerted to network faults
Supports fault isolation with 802.1ag Loopback and Linktrace Enables rapid and remote initiation of fault verification and isolation tools. Integrated testing and fault detection reduces CAPEX by eliminating the need for third-party test equipment.

|||| Configuration::

EMS Configuration

NetOutlook-EMS-ConfigurationEMS Configuration functions gather and store configurations from network devices, simplify configurations, provision circuits and track changes. NetOutlook EMS centralizes management and provisioning with an intuitive Graphical User Interface that provides complete configuration capabilities of service parameters, traffic management, SLA assurance and security.

Configuration Management FeaturesBenefits

Configuration of services,

SLA assurance and security

Saves time and labor costs by simplifying service activation and testing
Bulk provisioning and configuration of tasks (scheduled or on-demand) Saves time and labor costs to maintain and update hardware
ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 2544 Service Testing Service turn-up in days instead of months

|||| Accounting/Administration::

EMS Accounting/Administration

NetOutlook-EMS-Accounting-AdministrationAccounting/Administration is discovering and inventorying network elements and gathering usage statistics. NetOutlook EMS provides a complete infobase of the discovered iConverter NIDs in tree views as well as geo-located map views.

Accounting/Administration FeaturesBenefits
Automatic discovery Saves time and labor costs by eliminating need for manual data entry of new devices
Inventory Query Simplifies management with visual maps provides easy monitoring and understanding of the network
High availability server redundancy 24/7 monitoring with no down time, and rapid recovery from major disasters and power outages
Inventory Management Saves time and labor costs by organizing inventory of elements by filtering and sorting with manual or automatic grouping of devices
Exporting of Infobase Inventory and configuration data (infobase) can be exported to CSV format to simplify inventory management and record keeping
Third party equipment Inventory Provides holistic view of network and minimizes the use of multiple EMS instances

|||| Performance Monitoring::

EMS Performance Monitoring

NetOutlook-EMS-Performance-MonitoringPerformance Monitoring provides the functions to collect, store and present performance data for monitoring the health of the network and for SLA assurance. NetOutlook EMS supports real-time monitoring and historical reporting of SLA-impacting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) gathered at user-specified intervals and plotted in graphical form displayed in a dashboard for analysis.

Performance Monitoring FeaturesBenefits
Real-time performance monitoring Provides instant network health updates and enables Service Level Agreement validation
Statistics plotted in graphical form Quick and easy to understand graphical displays of KPIs
Data is displayed within a dashboard for analysis Simultaneous view of different performance metrics (in tables and charts) for comparison and correlation of ingress and egress performance
Performance data can be analyzed and exported Export performance data for billing and reporting

|||| Security::

EMS Security

NetOutlook-EMS-SecuritySecurity is the process of controlling access to assets in the network. Northbound and Southbound interfaces of NetOutlook EMS provide full-session authentication and encryption via secure protocols, and access privilege profiles can be assigned and customized for each user.

Security FeaturesBenefits
Access privilege profiles can be assigned and customized for each user Provides flexibility to allow multiple users, but keeps key functions only with authorized users
User activities are logged with audit trail Allows for investigating user access to determine cause of errors and prevent future errors


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