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Omnitron Network Interface Devices Enable MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services

Light Reading Europe and MEF Q2 Meeting, Munich – April 16, 2012 - Omnitron Systems Technology, ( a provider of Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices, today announced that iConverter Network Interface Devices enable the Metro Ethernet Forum’s Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. The MEF has announced Carrier Ethernet 2.0 as the next generation in the evolution of Ethernet services, and defines 2.0 as “networks and services that enable multiple classes of service and manageability over interconnected provider networks.” Omnitron’s iConverter NID features align with Ethernet 2.0 features of Multiple Classes of Services (Multi-CoS), Manageability and Interconnect.

Multi-CoS enables voice, video and data services to be differentiated, prioritized and assigned unique bandwidth profiles.  Performance monitoring can be assigned to each Class of Service for SLA assurance.  For the Service Provider, Multi-CoS optimizes bandwidth utilization in the network and conserves VLANs. For the end user, CoS enables a lower cost per assured bit.  iConverter NIDs provide the ability deliver Multi-CoS, and support Y.1731 performance monitoring per CoS.  iConverter can simultaneously validate SLA assurances and throughput for Multi-CoS with a built-in Y.1564 test head.

The MEF defines Manageability as Service OAM that enables subscribers and service providers to check the continuity of an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) across the entire network, and trace the path of a service along maintenance points.  iConverter NIDs support all the required Service OAM functions defined by 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management and Y.1731 Performance Monitoring, and can be configured as a Maintenance End Point (MEP) and a Maintenance Intermediate Point (MIP) along an EVC.  iConverter NIDs also support granular rate limiting for ingress and egress bandwidth profiles per EVC and per Class of Service.

Management of global Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services requires a standardized management language that enables management to interface with a variety of different devices.  To address this challenge, the MEF has developed the Service OAM MIB (SOAM MIB).  The MIB is a Management Information Base, or a network communication protocol used for managing the entities in a network.  Omnitron’s CTO Steve Mood, who chairs the MEF’s SOAM MIB Technical Working Group, and is the author of the newly ratified MEF SOAM MIB specifications, said “The  MEF MIBs will streamline vendor and Service Provider interoperability, and simplify global EMS integration”.  Mood also indicated that the “iConverter NIDs being presented at the LR Ethernet Expo are the first to support both the SOAM Fault Management and Performance Monitoring MIB specifications”

The third feature of MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 is Interconnect, and is defined as E-Access Services to allow service providers to reach out-of-franchise customer locations with EVC and multiplexed services end-to-end.  The iConverter HybridNID™ enables wholesale E-access services with virtual NID functionality and secure management access for both the Service Provider and the Wholesale Access Provider. All iConverter NIDs are compliant to the MEF 33 E-Access specification and are certified to deliver MEF 9 and 14 compliant EVC-based services, and MEF 6.1 compliant multiplexed services.  iConverter NIDs can also align different Classes of Service at the ENNI with remapping between partner service providers. 

Interconnect is fundamental to global deployments of Carrier Ethernet 2.0, and interoperability between different vendors’ equipment is essential to interconnect across multiple networks. iConverter NIDs provide industry-leading interoperability with the most comprehensive 802.1ag and Y.1731 standards implementations.  iConverter NIDs have proven Y.1731 interoperability at EANTC Interoperability Demonstrations (including frame loss measurement), where multiple vendors collaborated in a complex network environment to provide tested and verified interoperability.

iConverter Network Interface Devices enable the delivery of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services with all of the required MEF 2.0 features and comprehensive MEF, ITU-T and IEEE standards compliance. The iConverter GM4 NID and iConverter HybridNID™ will be demonstrated deploying Carrier Ethernet 2.Omnitron services at the Light Reading Ethernet Expo in Munich.

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