Mobile Backhaul Migration Solutions

Mobile Backhaul Migration from TDM to Carrier Ethernet

The proliferation of smart mobile devices is driving a seemingly insatiable need for mobile backhaul bandwidth. Fiber is the only media capable of supporting virtually limitless growth, so Carriers are currently driving fiber to the edges of the network. Unfortunately, bandwidth is only part of the problem. Mobile technology is in the midst of a migration from 2G to 3G to 4G/LTE. This means that Carriers providing backhaul must be able to satisfy the current need for TDM services while preparing for a seamless migration to an all Ethernet network in the future. While many options are available, Carriers must be able to support the migration in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Mobile Backhaul Migration from TDM to Ethernet

There are essentially three phases in the migration from legacy 2G to LTE mobile backhaul.

  1. Legacy mobile backhaul networks are based on TDM
  2. Current migration adds Carrier Ethernet to TDM network (Hybrid Mobile Backhaul)
  3. The future requires Long Term Evolution (LTE) Carrier Ethernet and fiber infrastructure

Omnitron Ethernet Network Interface Devices and T1/E1 multiplexers enable a seamless migration from TDM to LTE backhaul without forklift hardware upgrades.

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