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CWDM Multiplexers

Compact unpowered 1-Module Passive Chassis

1 and 2 Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

iConverter CWDM/AD modules are Course Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (OADM). The CWDM/AD modules add (multiplex) and drop (demultiplex) selected channels, or wavelengths, on both directions of a CWDM common fiber link.

4 and 8 Channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

Omnitron’s iConverter CWDM/X Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (MUX/DEMUX) modules support ITU-T G.694.2 wavelengths between 1270nm to 1610nm in 20nm increments. iConverter CWDM/X modules are protocol and rate transparent allowing different services up to 10Gbps to be transported across the same fiber link.

LGX Adapter for iConverter CWDM Modules

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