Gigabit Media Converters

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100 Mbps Media Converters

Single-mode to Multimode Fiber Converters for Fast Ethernet

The FlexPoint 100FF is a protocol-independent fiber converter that provides reliable and cost-effective extension of network distances by connecting multimode fiber networks or devices over single-mode fiber cabling. No manual configuration is required with the plug-and-play FlexPoint 100FF. Connect the fiber cables to the appropriate interface and the installation is complete.

Fast Ethernet Fiber to Copper Media Converter

The FlexPoint 100Fx/Tx is a 100BASE-FX fiber to 100BASE-TX UTP media converter that provides reliable and cost-effective network connectivity and fiber extension. The FlexPoint 100Fx/Tx UTP port auto-negotiates to the highest level of performance supported by the attached device.

100BASE-FX Single-Mode to Multimode Managed Fiber Converter

The iConverter 100FF managed media converter provides multimode to single-mode and dual fiber to single fiber conversion, and is a cost-effective solution for extending fiber network distances.

100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX Managed Ethernet Media Converter

The iConverter 100Fx/Tx managed media converters are members of the modular iConverter product family, and provide 100BASE-TX UTP to 100BASE-FX fiber conversion.

100BASE-FX to 100BASE-FX Managed Fast Ethernet Media Converter & Switch

The iConverter 2Fx managed media converter is a member of the modular iConverter product family. The 2Fx provides a cost effective solution for extending network distances by connecting multimode fiber network devices over single-mode fiber cabling.

100BASE-FX SFP to 100BASE-FX SFP Media Converter and Network Interface Device

The iConverter 2FXM2 conforms to the Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standards to support Fiber-to-the-X Metropolitan and Enterprise LAN networks. The 2FXM2 provides intelligent, securely managed service demarcation at the customer premises, offering Quality of Service and Bandwidth Control (rate-limiting) capabilities.

Redundant Fast Ethernet Fiber and UTP Managed Ethernet Media Converters

The iConverter Redundant Fast Ethernet modules are designed for use in networks that require fiber or copper link redundancy. With a link fault detection time of 100 microseconds, the Redundant iConverter modules provide the rapid response time required for mission-critical applications.