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10 Gig Media Converters and Transponders

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Compliant 10 Gigabit NID

The iConverter® XM5 is a 10G Network Interface Device (NID) that provides service demarcation and aggregation for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. The XM5 provides comprehensive support of the latest carrier-class Ethernet Service OAM, testing and protection standards.

10GBASE-T Ethernet Media Converter

The iConverter XGT+ is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet media converter with one RJ-45 port and one pluggable transceiver port, that provides copper to fiber and copper to copper media conversion. Copper to fiber conversion is achieved with XFP or SFP+ fiber transceivers. XFP and SFP+ transceivers support multimode and single-mode fiber, and CWDM/DWDM wavelengths. 

10Gbps Protocol-Transparent Media Converter/Transponder

The iConverter XG and XG+ are 10 Gigabit, protocol-transparent media converters with two pluggable transceiver ports supporting the three Rs (regeneration, retiming and reshaping). By taking advantage of the wide variety of 10G pluggable transceivers, they can be used as copper-to-fiber converters, fiber mode converters or WDM transponders.

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